Startup Criteria

God and Prayer

First and foremost we are here to seek the Kingdom. We will prayerfully seek to advise, partner, and invest in areas where we discern God already working and help to deploy human and financial capital in those areas.

Gospel-centered Purpose and Core Values

We believe that entrepreneurship is a calling and that at the core of this calling is a greater purpose that our work is designed to fulfill. Alongside this greater purpose we look to help build and invest in a set of values that not only drives what a venture does, but also how a venture does it, including a commitment of the founder to be in a discipleship relationship with us.

People and Relationships

We look for teams that are humble, curious, and resilient. The teams we work with have great chemistry and focus on shaping their organizational culture. Teams should show a path of development, experience, and expertise that suggest that the venture aligns with their spiritual journey. We also look for teams that have and value the relationships that will help them succeed.

Market and Exit Potential

Simply put, the economics for sustainability and scalability have to exist both in terms of the size of the problem being addressed and the prospects of the company itself. Acquisition or IPO potential needs to exist. Accordingly, we only invest in for-profit companies that have such liquidity potential. Thus fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility to our investor syndicates and limited partners who have faithfully committed their capital with us.

Business Model

Without a way to make money, there is no business. We will look carefully at potential ways a venture has to monetize a business and get excited when there is innovation happening around the ways it does that.

Idea and Iteration

Most entrepreneurs believe that the key to success rests mostly in their idea. Experience actually shows that the idea a venture starts with is rarely the idea that they bring to market. It’s actually mostly about execution. Teams must relentlessly pursue their core purpose but be willing to iterate and be open to how God has them accomplish it.

Does Your Business Meet Our Criteria?

Whether or not we’re looking to invest, we want to connect with you.