Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Telos Ventures Capital occasionally functions as a hybrid investment syndicate and early-stage venture capital fund that builds and invests in Gospel-centered, for-profit ventures that have potential for liquidity thereby multiplying (Matthew 25, Luke 19) His resources entrusted to us by our investors and limited partners.

Gospel-centered ventures aren’t just “Christian companies.” Gospel-centered ventures seek to serve the world, foster innovation, shape organizational culture, and embrace a broad stakeholder perspective in Christ.

Telos invests globally in early-stage software-technology enabled solutions in various sectors. We have initially invested between $20,000 to $150,000 per company and are typically, though not necessarily, among the first institutional investors.

Presently, our primary focus at Telos Ventures Capital is on supporting and championing our advisory-based startups through leading investment syndicates in their current rounds of fundraising.

Our core theology comes from a belief that we are created to work (Genesis 2:15) and that we are to do everything for the glory of God (Romans 11:36) so therefore we must do work for the glory of God (Colossians 3:23). We have further experienced that work done through startups is an amazing vehicle for discipleship and platform for sharing the Gospel.

We Have Learned That:

  • Startups require an ecosystem, like Silicon Valley to flourish.
  • The Gospel-centered venture ecosystem includes a network of ministry, business, academic, and financial resources.
  • Missing and fragmented early-stage capital needs to be brought together to catalyze a Gospel-centered venture movement.
  • Discipleship needs to be integrated into this capital for both entrepreneurs and investors because there is no false secular/sacred divide.

Telos Ventures Capital brings necessary early-stage funding, our relationships, and our resources together in order to help Gospel-centered ventures succeed at His work and further His kingdom.

Is your venture Gospel-centered?

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