Since our founding in 2012, we continue to affirm that the entrepreneur as a person has to be the focus, not just the startup.

Our Gospel-centered purpose and values mean that what we do and how we do it should feel and be different. Different not for the sake of being different, but different to better pursue what God has given us and the entrepreneurs we work with to do.

We offer an individualized advisory-based business and discipleship relationship to our entrepreneurs wrapped around a core community of fellow founders. These relationships deliver what startup founders need, when they need it with the support and encouragement of those who can best empathize and walk with them.

However, we acknowledge that capital is an important part of the equation and while at the moment we have fully invested out of both of our venture funds, we believe that helping our founders to raise capital through leading syndicates best enables us to build our community not primarily through capital-driven, but advisory-driven and discipleship-based relationships.

As such, we lead Telos Ventures not primarily as business advisers or investors, but as servants and disciples.

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